A downloadable game for Windows

Outerspace is a space shooter game that we made for #LOWREZJAM2022.

It is created in a 64x64 space, but the final game is upscaled to 640x640.

You play as a spaceship shooting down as many alien ships as you can.

Made by me and my buddy.

Credits :

Music and Sound Effect are free-to-use and downloaded from :

Pixabay and https://mixkit.co/

Fonts : https://www.kenney.nl/assets/kenney-fonts

Made with Godot Engine.


Rules & Controls :

W - Move Up

A  - Move Left

S - Move RIght

D - Move Down

Enter - Shoot

Esc - Pause

Shoot enemy to gain points, each enemy variety gives you different points.

You only have 3 lives, everytime you are damaged you will lose 1 life.

Watch out for the big meteor rocks, they don't appear often but you will lose all of your life if you get hit by it.


And of course, I hope you enjoy the game!


Outerspace.exe 42 MB


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Good game. When game over, please add an option to choose retry or quit, got me confused a bit like I thought it got stuck or something.